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Over the years Heathwood Studios has produced a number of Documentary DVD for sales to the general public, below are a few DVDs now available to purchase.

1 “Challenging the English Channel” Showing the world’s oldest seagoing vessel, the first hovercraft-SRN1, the Golden Arrow steam train, the development of the cross channel ferries, channel swimmers, the Channel Tunnel breakthrough and the many aerial attempts to cross.


2 “Hop Pickers Holiday” Remarkable footage stretching from the 1920s to the 1950s takes you back to another world and a different way of life, where thousands of people travel to the hop gardens of Kent to earn that little extra to help them survive in those days.


3 “Hop Picking Memories” A beautiful film looking at hop picking from 1938 up to the 1960s, how people travelled to the hop fields, lived and slept in hop huts, cooked over open fires and entertained themselves in the evenings.

To Purchase one of our DVDs please click this LINK